College Placement Consulting

A total and complete re-brand was required for this client. With the advent of a new owner, this business needed updating and a way to connect with students and parents that was modern, fast and easy. All areas of the business were reviewed. A new logo was designed, collateral such as a new student guide cover created, new social media branding implemented,  and a new website with eCommerce designed and launched. The overall goal was a cohesive, professional yet student-friendly brand that communicated the client’s services effectively while making scheduling, class sign-ups and test prep/learning incredibly simple.

Re-branding started with a new logo design. From that point, the style, colors, and ethos of CPC evolved.  The website grew to connect students and parents with all CPC services. This included connecting the site to a personal portal where appointments could be made, contact with a student’s college planner initiated, tests taking and assignments noted and completed, etc.  New photography was done to showcase the staff in a positive, fun light. The brand identity was integrated through print, social media, brick and mortar and web.

The CPC brand was modernized and updated to create a hyper-focused time management experience for the client and the student/parent. The inspiration for the logo, specifically, the colored bars, gives a nod to the tabs in a traditional binder, emphasizing the company’s roots in education and planning while also recognizing that technology is today’s driving force. The client was happy with the package, feeling that it enhanced the company’s services as they wished. They added monthly maintenance to make content changes/updates easy and security water-tight.