Melissa Grimes-Guy | Founder | Marketing Consultant | Rockfish Media Staff


Melissa Grimes-Guy

I’m a photographer, marketer, and all-around biz-iness-crazy lady! I love living and working in Easton, MD, a charming small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, between the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Why Rockfish? Frankly, because my personal experience with website developers had been so, well, bad. I wanted to be able to offer top-notch websites and branding to my fellow small businesses AND be responsive and caring and not nickel and dime them to death. (Not to mention there are lots of rockfish swimming around in these local waters!!) I wanted a true partnership with clients where I understood exactly what story they wanted to tell. I love getting to the heart of a businesses’ needs and nailing a project for them! Along with my petite team, I pursue passion in each job, no matter the size. When not working, I can be found cuddled up with my sweet Double Doodle(what is that you ask? It’s a combo of LabraDoodle and a Goldendoodle!!) Miles, who always can be counted on for a lick, a lean and tons of smiles.