Chef & Shower

Chef & Shower is a beautiful boutique kitchen and bath shop in the heart of historic downtown Easton. They needed a website that showcased the breadth of their product lines but also provided a platform to feature monthly specials, delicious downloadable recipes and deliver information to customers via their monthly newsletter AND introduced visitors to the style and look of the shop. They asked us to design a custom site that addressed these goals across all devices and platforms.

After identifying and understanding the client goals, we created a website that was able to feature and emphasize the unique and personal aspects of the brick and mortar shop. The site provides an effortless user experience through clean and simple navigation, conveying the store’s expertise and it’s quality product lines. Our client wanted to stay away from an e-commerce experience and instead promote the “personalized service” that sets Chef & Shower apart from its competition. We decided to showcase colorful and professional photographs and friendly, clear succinct copy. The content on the site is designed to be consistently relevant and easily updated. At delivery, the client was pleased and felt the site met her needs and vision. Over the first few months post-launch, she has refined the use of her site, adding content and gaining an understanding of various ways she can leverage the site for her business growth.