Haley Geller

My heart led me back to “Home Sweet Talbot County” after college where I now live as your friendly neighborhood girl boss and unstoppable creative. As the co-founder and creative director of Rockfish Media Group, I design brands and whip up websites that help local businesses thrive both visually and virtually. I believe in the power of strong, simple design and the game-changing impact consistent branding can have on your business. My mission is to stimulate growth within our tight-knit community by creating rich visual identities for all businesses that aim to attract consumer recognition and an undeniable buzz. When I am not working magic on the screen, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m dreaming of sunshine, eating Chinese food and/or 48 episodes into the latest true crime podcast. If you see me on the street, WAVE, I’ll be the one overdressed for the occasion and working on my 24th coffee of the day.