Competitive Audit

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Bio displays her name and that she is a registered Dietician. It also shares that she is a single mom. Also, the bio promotes her book title

Link in Bio: Includes promotion to an online course geared to parent with picky eaters as well as her book, e-book, quick consult and personalized nutrition coaching. There is also a link to Nature’s Way Children Supplements on Amazon too. 

Content that is Promoted. 16 days of Content (12/11- 11/27) 

  • Healthy Recipes to Make- Promoted easy no bake cookies that you can make with children. The content was promoted with a video that illustrated the ingredients and how to prepare. High quality video that was also “kid-friendly.” Video also promoted users to follow @healthy.mom.healthy.kids for more easy, healthy recipes to make with children. Copy also encouraged users to visit her website for more recipes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIYK9RTFlkb/


  • Baby Led Feeding 101 Video Tips- She has created 7 short videos to date that focus on different feeding tips. To highlight, these videos are labeled with the tip number and they all feature Malina. In videos 5 through 7, she does not speak but rather points to the different recommendations as they pop up. Also, she wears the same outfit in these videos and in the background, there is music.

The corresponding copy also promotes e-book with link in profile which includes meal ideas for babies.

Below are examples of these popular Videos.





* Note: The same video production helps people recognize this content in the feed. 

  • Most of the post copy begins with the following: “Hi! I’m Malina, dietitian and mom of 3, specializing in nutrition for moms, babies and kids.” In some instances, the mention of being an author is also included. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIfyFLml2cK/

* Note: This mention not only humanizes the content but also validates her authority on the subject as well.

  • Promotes live Events with Parenting Experts for users to sign up for. Link in bio is used to sign up. In this instance, Malina is one of the Panel Experts. The copy also includes the Instagram handles of the Experts as well as their area of expertise. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIWmrfAFdys/
  • Frequent use of aesthetically pleasing graphics which include consistent branding colors. Graphics promote the following content tactics.
  1. Answers to Questions such as “Can I Feed Baby in a Car?” and “What is the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?” Graphics are informative and reflect Malina’s expertise in the space. These assets also include her Instagram handle. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIqIVGpFPIe/


The copy that accompanies these graphics also expand on these answers while also sharing her own experiences which makes her relatable for other moms. She also includes mention of studies with an accompanying link to the information source.

  1. Graphics also focus on solutions such as “4 ways to Offer Sesame to Babies” and how to wash your hands properly. The latter content was posted during National Hand Washing week. As part of the “Sesame” graphic, she also mentions a recipe which is also promoted in her stories.



The copy that accompanies these posts also shares her personal experience and what I like especially is that she includes a question in the copy to engage her audience. “What tricks and tips do you use to get your kiddos to wash their hands and wash them well?” I also like that she is posting content that coincides with a “National Calendar Day.” I was surprised though that she did not leverage a hashtag related to this calendar day or even #handwash to increase her reach.

Statistics are also leveraged in her copy as well. “It’s estimated currently that 0.2% of U.S. children and adults have a food allergy to sesame (AAAAI)” She also promotes her e-book which contains recipes.

  1. Graphics with illustrations are also used to illustrate valuable information on what moms should not be feeding their babies. The copy also reiterates these “don’ts” and promotes her e-book for meal ideas with mention of the link in bio. This post is the 2nd most popular post in terms of likes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CINuolIll6k/
  2. The most popular post of the ones reviewed was a graphic which highlighted a “Feeding Myth and a Feeding Truth” with copy that includes additional tips for moms regarding feeding time. She also ends the post by asking a question to engage her followers and mentioning that she can do private consulting. “Do you have specific questions about feeding your baby? I’m taking new clients and offer one-on-one video coaching and/or Quick Consults via email! Check out my link in profile for more info” https://www.instagram.com/p/CIGC3TNFwbC/

Note: Private consultations should be something Karla’s should consider as well. With permission, these consulting sessions (in person that is) could lend itself to great photo and video opportunities. 

Hashtags and Tagging Used

  • Hashtags are leveraged but they not being included in the initial copy which is posted. 

They are not only topic related such as #healthybaby #babynutrition etc. but also mom related. See examples below.






What’s interesting here is that these mom related hashtags lend to the fact that there is a community of mom’s out there who are looking for parenting support and solutions which should be tapped into. 


Frequency of Posting

  • For the most part, she does not post more than once a day.


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